Terms and Conditions

Enrolling on a language course imparted by Route 66 Idiomas (hereinafter “the School”) implies the acceptance of all of the following terms and conditions:

  • The lessons may be taught by different teachers to allow students to hear different accents.
  • Students can postpone or cancel a private lesson if they inform the School’s administrative staff by telephone or e-mail with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. If a student is absent and has not given at least 24 hours’ notice, this lesson will be deemed as missed and will not be refunded.
  • Group courses take place on the days and times determined by the School; students cannot change the dates and times of these lessons.
  • The School will not be responsible for any loss, theft, damage or injury incurred during a student’s time at the School. Students will be held responsible for any damages they cause in the School.
  • Valencia Region official complaint forms are available upon request.
  • No refund will be given if an enrolment is cancelled after the course has begun. However, in the event of there being extenuating circumstances, the School may decide to make a concession to this rule.
  • In accordance with the stipulations of Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December concerning Personal Data Protection, we hereby inform you that details collected from you will be stored in a data file managed by ROUTE 66 IDIOMAS SLU in order to fulfil the commitments arising from our relationship with you.
    Moreover, we inform you that you can exercise your access, cancellation, rectification and opposition rights by writing to the School at the following address: C/ MORATIN, NO. 15-4ª, 46002 VALENCIA.Unless you tell us otherwise, we will understand there have been no changes to your details. You undertake to inform us of any change to said details and give us your consent to use them to further our contractual relationship. You also give your consent for us to share your details with other companies when necessary in order to execute this contract or improve the relationship between both parties. You also give consent for us to send promotional information we believe could interest you to the postal address you have given us.
  • Route 66 Idiomas will do our best to ensure that the information on our website is accurate, complete and up-to-date. We cannot, however, exclude the possibility that this information may contain inaccuracies or typing errors. Should you notice any inaccuracies, please inform us immediately.


Spanish Course Terms and Conditions 

  • To reserve a place on a course, we require a pre-payment of €200 from the student. The balance can be paid on the first day of the course.
  • After receipt of this pre-payment is confirmed, the School will send the student an enrolment confirmation.
  • Course prices do not include accommodation, insurance, or airport transfers, unless otherwise stated.
  • Class size: a minimum of 3 students; a maximum of 6 students.
  • If the minimum number of students to form a class group is not reached (three students), two other options may be available for the same price (until the minimum of 3 students enrol in the same class group):
    1. In the case of a group of 2 students, they would be offered 15 hours of class a week instead of 20 hours/week.
    2. In the event that only 1 student enrols, the course will be offered as private classes (10 hours of private lessons a week instead of 20 hours/week group classes).
  • If a student cancels their course booking more than 15 calendar days before their course start date, the School will refund them 50% of their pre-payment (€100) and any other course fees they may have paid. If the student cancels their booking during the 15 days before their course start date, the School will not refund the student the €200 pre-payment. However, any other fees paid in advance will be refunded. Once the course has started, no refunds will be given in the event of cancellation. However, in the event of there being extenuating circumstances, the School may decide to make a concession to this rule.
  • To pay by bank transfer the School’s IBAN number and BIC/SWIFT code are required. Some foreign banks also require our bank’s address details:IBAN number: ES13 0081 0411 13 0001184429
    Bank name: Banco Sabadell
    Bank address: Avda. Camí Nou 116, 46910
  • All payments should be accompanied by the student’s name. Bank fees charged by the transferring bank will be paid by the student.
  • Language course and accommodation fees can be paid together in one single bank transfer. If the student wishes to pay in this way, they must make it clear in the transfer notes that they are paying for both the course and accommodation.